Jack Stocker

Down to the Sea

Jack Stocker lives down the coast from me and has been getting a name for fearless riding. With Pat Cummins from Apex Aerial Imaging we thought to obtain some clips of Jack riding in his element. Ostensibly we were after some footage to add to a showreel to promote aerial photography to video clients; difficult terrain is perfect for drones to get steady shots, it’s not just about the big landscape.

However the day was set to be clear and warm and we all decided the evening before to make a day out of capturing footage for a short film.

The early chill of a September morning rapidly disappeared with the warmth of full sun and by 8.30 we were well into our mission.

Later that evening I was talking to Jack Bessant about having such a great day, and how good the swells were even though we didn’t surf. Serendipitously he said he had been working on a music track that might sit well called ‘Down to the Sea’.

So thanks to Jack & Jack so very glad to know you both.

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Lee Robertson

Lee Robertson

Lee Robertson lives in Crackington Haven, Cornwall. He makes websites and short films and enjoys writing, surfing, filming, hiking and photography.