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The downlow on the Wilderness Perfume creators

Two things you should know before I introduce this post.

1. Like many, I’m a real cynic when it comes to advertising. I’m not prepared to buy what you tell me to buy, just because you have a cracking PR company who are good at their job… (n.b. this excludes most Christmas based food & drink products. If you slap a snowman on it and call it festive, it’s probably already in my cupboard/fridge. I’m not proud of this at all.)
2. Along the way I seem to have accumulated a range of colognes and aftershaves. I appreciate them, I often wear them in fact, but not often enough to warrant going out and buying more.


This morning, as I had a relatively late lie-in, my friend Rebecca introduced me to Juniper Ridge by way of a Facebook message. Lying there under my weighty down duvet, the introductory video from the link she sent me took me back to Yosemite, back to the top of Nevada Falls where, had I just gone 30 degrees off the path and kept walking, I’d be out & lost in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. Safe underneath the contained feathers of a long-since-dead gaggle of geese, my heart ached for that feeling again. The flora, the fauna, the sights, sounds and, of course, the smell.

Well this is where I left the world of cynicism and fell completely under the spell of quality marketing.

Juniper Ridge source, make and sell ‘Wilderness Perfume’. Which is not limited to perfumes, you understand… they sell cologne, soaps, sprays, incense and even tea. The team trek out into the wilderness across North America, and source ingredients for their wares.

It was started in 1998 by self-confessed mushroom forager and wilderness enthusiast, Hall Newbegin, who would create potions from wild flora, and sell them at San Franciscan farmers’ markets. Since then it’s grown into a 15-strong operation, but with it’s original aesthetic at heart. They describe themselves as ‘the world’s only wild fragrance company’, and their fragrances really do come from plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings. I’m sold.

What I appreciate most is that the team really do seem to be hikers and adventurers first, with the passion to source & hand-create their perfumed products as an added bonus. Could this be the perfect job for a wilderness romantic like myself? Yes, I think it could.

On top of all the well-presented and thoroughly backed up marketing, they also give away 10% of their profits to a range of wilderness based charities. Sold, twice over.

Go check out their website. Not only is it a real pleasure to search through and take in, it also includes some well-penned ‘Harvest Stories’ from their foraging trips, expunging any idea that this might all be the work of some stealthy PR company. There are also some beautifully filmed videos from their treks.

I haven’t yet checked their shipping costs to the UK, so these additions to my Christmas purchases may yet flounder. But it’s taken me back to my happy place for at least 2 hours this morning… a morning well-spent on Juniper Ridge.

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Adendum: It turns out that Juniper Ridge don’t ship internationally. However, they do stock their products in stores around the globe. In the UK, you can purchase it from the following outlets…
– Garbstore: 188 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2ES
– Le Chien Et Moi: 60 Derby Rd, Nottingham, NG1 5FD,

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