10 Years Later

Regular Hickory Nines watchers will no doubt remember our previous guest, Jim Stewart from Butta Wax.

Since his stint in the Hickory hot seat, Jim has been busy with his latest undertaking…

The concept of 10 Years Later is pretty simple. Jim, and his buddy Scott (having surfed together for 10 years now – ergo the ’10 years later’) plan to surf 10 surf spots around the UK in just 10 days, using only public transport and the power of an aloft thumb to get them there. The trip, if it all goes to plan, is set to span 2000 miles around the UK, surfing upon every coastline. And as well as the adventure, they’re also using the trip to highlight the good work of (and hopefully raise a little money for) Surfers Against Sewage.

I spoke to Jim about this briefly as he showed me the film: “With the release of our Butta Eco surf wax, we decided we wanted to help raise awareness and funds for a charity that has a similar moral compass to us, so who better than Surfers Against Sewage. They’re a charity dedicated to keeping pollution out of our waters, the same exact thing we are doing with the waxes. The trip is also giving us the opportunity to display how the surf community comes together. We’ve had such amazing support from surfers around the UK already. ”

Just recently, Jim & Scott journeyed to North Cornwall, to shape a couple of boards with Chris from Lovefoam. Below is the result of their craft-creation session. These are the boards they’ll be riding on their 10 day odyssey, and it was something Jim won’t soon forget – “The experience we had with Chris at Lovefoam was epic. We’ve both been surfing for near on 20 years and never dreamt of shaping our own board! Chris made that possible, I’d recommend anyone to go and do it, he’s a great teacher.”

To find out more about 10 Years Later, head here. To donate, go here.

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